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Unlock your practice’s operational potential

Why TeamBuilder?

Our platform is designed to make scheduling as efficient as possible, so your team can spend more time doing what they do best — providing exceptional care to their patients.

Made for Today

Unique workplaces need unique solutions

Today provides a comprehensive solution to digital scheduling that takes the stress out of creating schedules. Easy to use and quick to deploy, you can keep track of employee availability and easily resolve call out issues in one place.

Features & benefits

Reduce time spent managing the schedule

Quickly see who has called out, what locations are over or understaffed, and which staff have met their quotas for the week.

Improved communication across teams

Real-time communication on desktop and mobile to avoid costly and time-consuming paperwork.

Better understand your resources

Accurately budget and forecast staffing needs, reducing the potential for over- or understaffing.

More time for quality healthcare

Your team of healthcare providers can spend less time on scheduling and more time on providing quality care to their patients.

Ready for Tonight

Incentivize staff with responsible access to earned wages

Give your team the benefit of same-day pay with Tonight — our integrated digital wallet offering staff the option to get paid a portion of their pay as soon as their shift ends. No cost required for employers, more motivation for staff.

Features & benefits

Financial wellness benefits for your staff

Offer your team flexibility to access a part of their earned pay for unexpected expenses.

Motivated, engaged workforces

Incentivize your team to pick up last minute shifts or work across locations.

Improve talent acquisition and retention

Recruit competitively and reduce turnover by 40%.

Easy, automated system with no extra cost

The digital wallet automatically verifies hours and posts available earnings with no disruptions to payroll and at no cost to employers.

Set for Tomorrow

Unlock your practice’s operational potential

Make informed decisions for the future with our pioneering recommendation engine, Tomorrow. Rather than relying on rules of thumb, you'll be able to effectively manage staffing levels specifically for your clinic, based on: volume, workflow and necessary scheduling constraints.

Features & benefits

Smart staff scheduling for tomorrow

Schedule with a total picture of your workforce with staff preferences and availability, clinical and non-clinical practice workflows and shift duration and type constraints.

Better visibility and understanding of your resources

Finally have insight into how your clinics are operating and accurately budget and forecast your staffing needs.

Targeted, actionable insights

Access meaningful benchmarks from peers that have similar characteristics to you.

Designed for dynamic teams

Support innovative and flexible workforce opportunities like float pools and shift bidding.

TeamBuilder in action

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About us

We’re a team of healthcare professionals and innovators with direct experience of working in the industry.

We are committed to making the human aspect of healthcare as efficient as possible.

We understand that scheduling staff is just one of the many challenges that healthcare providers face, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to focus on what really matters: providing quality care to their patients. Our technology helps teams to understand who they need, when they need them, and where.

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