Why TeamBuilder?

Utilizing leading data science to deliver unparalleled accuracy and actionable insights.

How the data science works

TeamBuilder uses leading data science to build optimized staff schedules. We do this by harnessing the ability to predict demand while considering clinic-specific constraints.

We predict intraday demand

Our patent-pending technology, Tomorrow, utilizes a demand prediction algorithm that takes into account historical data by provider and activity, on an hourly and daily basis.

Additionally, Tomorrow integrates real-time data to produce accurate demand forecasting and efficient staff scheduling specific to individual clinics.

We understand all of your supply

TeamBuilder offers comprehensive staff supply management by capturing important details such as licensure, experience, specialty, home and secondary locations, as well as availability.

This data is used to optimize scheduling requirements to ensure the right staff are assigned to the right tasks.

We understand the work effort required and your clinic’s constraints.

Tomorrow is the only solution that takes into account the unique constraints of visit and non-visit work associated with every patient visit. It also considers clinic-specific constraints such as minimum staffing requirements and business hours.

We recommend an optimal schedule based on your requirements.

With Tomorrow, you’re getting ground-breaking technology that accounts for every clinic and staff-specific aspect. Paired with Today, you’ll be guided through the scheduling process generated by your clinic’s data.

In numbers

A solution with proven results

Less time spent creating and managing schedules
Reduction in payroll while improving the staff experience

How we integrate seamlessly

Our platform can operate with or without integrations.

TeamBuilder uses a leading integration engine to connect to practice management and business application systems. This allows for automation of inbound data and management of real-time, intraday volume fluctuations.

However, we know that preparing for integrations can take organizations considerable time, and our goal is to get TeamBuilder working for you as soon as possible. To do this, we can work with your team to develop a tailored integration timeline that fits your organization's needs.

In the meantime, TeamBuilder can be deployed without integrations and with full functionality, so you can start seeing the benefits fast.

Our customer stories

Our technology is helping teams every day.

Speak to our team and start building for tomorrow, today.

Our platform allows healthcare providers to manage multiple schedules, view availability in real-time, communicate with staff members, and produce actionable insights. All in one place.

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