A digital staff scheduling platform built for you.

The first predictive staff scheduling platform designed specifically for the ambulatory care setting.

We believe in TeamBuilder’s power

A fully configurable digital solution revolutionizing staff scheduling.

Driven by provider volume and clinic workflow

TeamBuilder is the only solution built from actual volume data specific to your organization.

Get real, tangible, financial benefits

Helping to optimize your workforce and better align your staff, resulting in a significant payroll reduction averaging 8-14%.

See results, fast

Deployment is lightweight which means you can expect to start seeing benefits in as little as 60 days.

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Less time spent creating and managing schedules.

Solving a universal problem

We know the challenges facing the healthcare sector today. Our innovative technology is designed specifically for the industry, providing tailor-made solutions to complex staffing challenges.

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Built for you

In healthcare, every second counts. We help you make the most of every minute in your healthcare facility.

We know that the healthcare industry brings a unique set of challenges when it comes to scheduling staff. That’s why we’ve developed a groundbreaking tool that revolutionizes the way you organize your team. Not only that, TeamBuilder simultaneously generates valuable data-driven insights to build the optimal schedule for planned demand.

How it works

Made for Today

Unique workplaces need unique solutions

Today provides a comprehensive solution to digital scheduling that takes the stress out of creating schedules. Easy to use and quick to deploy, you can keep track of employee availability and easily resolve call out issues in one place.

Ready for Tonight

Incentivize staff with responsible access to earned wages

Give your team the benefit of same-day pay with Tonight — our integrated digital wallet offering staff the option to get paid a portion of their pay as soon as their shift ends. No cost required for employers, more motivation for staff.

Set for Tomorrow

Unlock your practice’s operational potential

Make informed decisions for the future with our pioneering recommendation engine, Tomorrow. Rather than relying on rules of thumb, you'll be able to effectively manage staffing levels specifically for your clinic, based on: volume, workflow and necessary scheduling constraints.

How it works

Transform the way you organize your workforce

We’re proud to have built an intuitive solution to managing complex scheduling.

Built for you. TeamBuilder unlocks workforce productivity and efficiency.

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We believe The future of effective healthcare is built on intuitive, real-time scheduling information.

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Our technology is helping teams every day.

About us

We’re a team of healthcare professionals and innovators with direct experience of working in the industry.

We are committed to making the human aspect of healthcare as efficient as possible.

We understand that scheduling staff is just one of the many challenges that healthcare providers face, and we want to make it as easy as possible for them to focus on what really matters: providing quality care to their patients. Our technology helps teams to understand who they need, when they need them, and where.

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Our platform allows healthcare providers to manage multiple schedules, view availability in real-time, communicate with staff members, and produce actionable insights. All in one place.

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